Well, you can add another thing to my One Crazy Summer list.  In July I started writing for my hometown paper, The Greenville Daily News.  My old schoolmate Amanda Leitch-Lee (who also writes for the DN) was asked by her editor if she knew someone who could contribute a home design article for the upcoming special section.    She thought of me right away (the loyal Ashton Sebastian reader that she is!) and of course I said I would do it!  It has been a fun side project which has gotten me back into the swing of writing and gathering ideas and inspiration.

My first assignment was to write an article on a DIY project.  I considered trying something I had never done before but I quickly realized it was best to do a simple project that anyone could do, with materials that are easy to find.  I did a new version of my drop cloth curtains, this time instead of stenciling them I painted stripes on the bottom with some leftover paint I had at home.   It was a super easy project that turned out great.  Check out the entire article and instructions here.  The plan is to publish something for their special sections once every month so when they get published I will share them here on the blog!