I went to the West Michigan Home and Garden Show at Devos Place on Friday to see the lovely Candice Olson do a presentation on her decorating style and tricks.


She was so cute and fun and just like on her HGTV show Divine Design she was totally silly.  This picture was on the big screen when she came out and right away she joked that it was heavily photoshopped and she had someone else’s hair and eyelashes for the photoshoot.  I love that she is so real and goofy but with her decorating she means business.  Here are a few of my favorite rooms designed by Candice.

Candice talked a lot about contrast as one of her design elements.  I love the dark wood and white painted brick wall contrast here.

I feel like you can spot a Candice room a mile away because they are always bright and shiny.  She says the lighting in a room is always the most important element.  She uses different levels of lighting from the top down and will even use spot lights to shine on a curtain, a bookshelf, or a piece of art.

I love the setee at the end of the bed in this little girls room.  The amazing flower chandelier is surrounded by a large scale medallion and a hand painted passage from Alice in Wonderland.  My daughter would love this room!

I usually am not drawn to the kitchens that Candice designs because they are always very contemporary and sleek but I do love this kitchen’s desk area with the bold wallpaper accent.   According to Candice every room should have a focal point.  If there isn’t anything already there you need to make one.  Here the wallpaper immediately grabs my attention.

I do believe this woman can design a killer bathroom, however.  Look at the shine and sparkle on every surface….and I am loving that tile inlay on the floor.

This was a sad little attic before Candice got her hands on it.  I love the lighting and the tile behind the mirrors.  Wouldn’t you feel glamorous just brushing your teeth in this bathroom?

Focal point:  the amazing textured wood wall.  Lighting:  floor uplights, spotlights on the wood, sconces on the wall, recessed lighting on the ceiling.  Contrast:  that amazing tub and the dark wood.  I might steal this exact bathroom look for my “someday” house.  I just love it.

Did anyone else out there go see Candice?  What did you think?